Save In Gold And Silver

FirstGold™ is a new gold and silver savings initiative from the innovative Gold Company that puts your financial future back in your hands. It's the way to accumulate physical bullion with your paper money and create real wealth, while still giving you the instant account management, flexibility and freedom you need.

FirstGold™ accumulation platform caters to an increased interest in customers looking for a simpler, smarter way to buy real gold and silver, FirstGold™ is Australia's online gold and silver accumulation option.

By eliminating the complexities associated with buying bullion, FirstGold™ enables you to create long-term savings in real bullion which is real money.

At FirstGold™, we have built our reputation with proven customer service and relationships based on trust and service. We have implemented this ethos to every facet of our business model.

FirstGold™ is simple to use, with options and settings only you control. You can purchases as often as you like, for any amount you choose.

FirstGold™ puts the technology at your fingertips for a Golden or Silver future.