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DSI Says Gold and Silver to Bottom Soon, Dollar to Top Soon

Longtime readers of 321Gold know I am a giant fan of the Daily Sentiment Indicator put out by Jake Bernstein. The DSI is sending out important signals such as bonds, the dollar, gold, silver, the Euro, the Swiss Franc, British Pound, Yen and the Aussie Dollar. Basically when readings go below 10 you are near a major bottom. When they go above 90 you are near a major top.

As of September 27th close of trading the DSI for treasuries is 10, 93 for the dollar, 8 for gold, 8 for silver, 5 for the Swiss Franc, 7 for the Euro, 10 for the Yen, 9 for the Aussie dollar and 12 for the British pound. To show that it really doesn’t matter what commodity the DSI tracks, the turns it projects says that even boring Orange Juice at 93 is about to tumble.

So in short, the dollar is getting close to a top, gold, silver, bonds and most currencies are near a bottom and about to turn higher. When these moves take place, it will happen all at the same time. Including OJ taking a swan dive.

These numbers are not as extreme as they have been in the past and don’t suggest a turn will happen tomorrow but it will happen soon. That could be as much as a month from now.

There are two kinds of investment information, signal and noise. For some reason many gold bugs are fixated on manipulation and price suppression as being important. I cannot agree. All financial markets are manipulated by everyone involved all of the time. So a sincere belief in manipulation of gold and silver provides no information that would lead to a profitable trade. In other words, if everything is manipulated, and that is true, who cares? You can’t profit. It generates neither a buy signal nor a sell signal. It’s noise, not signal. The DSI on the other hand is the most valuable and consistent signal I know of. In simple terms, you can take it to the bank.

The markets I have identified above are going to reverse direction in the next month. You can write that down on a piece of paper and take it to your local bank and cash it.

For those who are not subscribers to the DSI it seems expensive. Because it is. It is aimed at serious commodity traders who can make all of the cost up in one trade. But if you contact Jake and whine that you can’t afford it, he might give you a break. That’s what I did.

Source: Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold