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Silver Bullion

With FirstGold™, you can buy silver in bars, coins, and ingots that will be kept in a secure vault entirely in your own name. All our silver is LBMA-approved and fully-insured. At FirstGold™, we know that as well as gold, there is financial safety in pure silver.

FirstGold™ has a variety of silver bullion available, including a range of bars, coins and ingots. Whether you purchase a few grams or a 1,000-ounce bar is entirely up to you. All our bullion has been approved by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), so you can rest assured that it meets high professional standards. Our silver bullion is 99.9 percent pure, and is traded gross of its tiny impurity, as per industry regulation.

Store your silver bullion with no fees or unnecessary conditions

Insurance and storage costs are important to consider when you buy silver bullion bars or coins, especially when you plan to save large amounts. Luckily FirstGold™ has super secure storage options available for you. FirstGold™ offers you a fully insured and audited vault to secure your bullion. Your silver is audited and inventoried on site, making it much simpler for you to buy, sell and take delivery of. Many silver companies will charge you for such services, but at FirstGold™, storage, insurance and auditing is free, and you are not committed to minimum purchase conditions or other fine print. Our long-term gold and silver savings plans also give you the flexibility to buy and sell silver according to your own schedule, and take physical possession of your silver bullion whenever you like.

Allocated silver bullion YOU own

Typically, there are two ways silver bullion can be purchased and stored; that is, either on an ‘allocated’ basis or an ‘unallocated, pooled’ basis.

Unallocated silver bullion

If you buy interest in a pool of silver bullion that is part of a financial institution’s liquid reserves, you should be aware that you do not own specific bars listed under your name. This purchase is referred to as ‘unallocated’ bullion. This means that the institution has a record of how much silver you have bought, but it doesn’t keep all your bullion on hand. Some buyers feel drawn towards this option because they believe they can save money on storage costs. However, if the institution experiences financial difficulties, there is a real risk of losing your silver because the silver is not legally in your name.

Allocated silver bullion: FirstGold™’s free storage system

If you purchase ‘allocated’ silver bullion, you are the sole owner of specific, individually numbered bullion bars. You have full legal entitlement to the silver, so it cannot be absorbed into the providing institution’s reserve. FirstGold™ gold and silver savings plans place your savings in allocated silver as ‘bailment’. This means that no one can access your silver bullion unless they have your express consent. Additionally, institutions cannot use your silver to leverage against loans, nor can it be liquidated if they go insolvent. With FirstGold™, you are the true owner of your silver bullion, giving you financial safety for your future.