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Secure Bullion Storage

With FirstGold™, rest assured that your savings are secure.

Your bullion is stored in highly secure vaults, independently audited, and titled solely in your name or self-managed super fund account.

Security is our top priority at FirstGold™, ensuring that your gold and silver are safely locked up for your future.

Auditors are contracted to regularly audit the vault and provide comprehensive reports on ownership and contents.

For private FirstGold customers and self-managed super fund accounts, all bullion is fully insured by Lloyds of London, a renowned insurance specialist.

FirstGold™ is committed to full transparency in all transactions, giving you complete control over your bullion.

You maintain sole legal rights to your gold and silver, with the ability to withdraw your bullion from the vault at your convenience.

If you ever wish to inspect your physical savings, simply contact our experienced and friendly staff at FirstGold™.