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Why Buy Platinum Bullion

Invest in Platinum with FirstGold™

FirstGold™ brings you the opportunity to invest in platinum, ensuring that your precious metals are secured in a manner that is entirely in your name. You can purchase platinum in bars, coins, and ingots, and rest assured that they are kept safe in a highly secure vault. All our platinum is LBMA-approved and comprehensively insured, providing you with peace of mind. At FirstGold™, we understand that when it comes to precious metals, safety is paramount.

A Diverse Range of Platinum Options

FirstGold™ allows you to acquire platinum bullion in various forms, offering you the freedom to select what suits your investment preferences. Whether you prefer bars, coins, or ingots, we have you covered. Weights range from a few grams to full 400-ounce bars. Our platinum bullion is proudly LBMA-approved, boasting a remarkable purity level of 999.9 percent, setting the gold standard in the market.

Secure Storage without the Hassles

When you decide to invest in platinum bars or platinum coins, you must consider insurance and storage costs, especially as your holdings accumulate. While hiding your savings under the floorboards might have sufficed in times of yore, modern times offer safer and more convenient storage options for your precious metals.

It is highly recommended that you purchase platinum from providers that offer audited, vaulted, and insured storage. When your platinum is audited and inventoried on-site, it simplifies the buying, selling, and shipping process. In the long run, it grants you enhanced security and convenience. Many platinum providers offer such storage services for a fee.

FirstGold™: Unparalleled Security and Convenience

At FirstGold™, insured and audited storage of your platinum bullion comes at absolutely no cost to you. There are no minimum purchase requirements or cumbersome terms and conditions. What’s more, you have the freedom to buy, sell, or take physical possession of your platinum bullion at your convenience. Your financial assets are firmly in your control.

Allocated Platinum Bullion: Your True Ownership

When purchasing platinum bullion, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between ‘allocated’ and ‘unallocated’ storage. ‘Unallocated’ storage entails an interest in a pool of platinum bullion held by a financial institution, without specific ownership of individual bars. The institution merely maintains a record of your ownership, but may not hold the equivalent physical platinum to cover potential withdrawals. While this might save you on storage and holding costs, it presents risks if the institution encounters financial difficulties.

On the other hand, ‘allocated’ platinum bullion designates you as the outright owner of specific, individually numbered and registered bullion bars. This platinum is your individual property, and it is not used as the institution’s reserve.

With FirstGold™, you are investing in allocated physical platinum when you opt for our platinum savings plans. Your platinum bullion savings are fully under your control and cannot be accessed without your consent, nor can they be leveraged for loans or liquidated in case of insolvency. Your ownership of platinum bullion with FirstGold™ is unequivocal, and the power to safeguard your financial future is unequivocally yours. Invest with FirstGold™ and seize control of your platinum savings today.