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Sell Silver

At FirstGold, we believe that silver is a true store of value, and that saving in it is a smarter way to create a better financial future. To make returns on your diligent saving, here’s how you sell your silver with FirstGold™ . It could not be easier!

FirstGold™ is dedicated to offering you the best gold and silver savings site in the world, so we promise that you will always have the power to sell your silver back to us at any time of the day or night at a price based on the up-to-the minute silver spot price.

If you have saved silver through either our one-off purchase plan or our gold and silver savings plan, then all you have to do to make returns on your investment is to simply go to the ‘Sell’ tab in your account homepage and follow the easy steps.

Once your account has been verified with us, the money you have saved in silver will be deposited in the account of your choice.

As well as giving you the power to save in silver and grow your financial future, FirstGold™ also offers you the opportunity to turn your scrap metal and old jewellery at home into high financial returns for your future through our parent company, gold company, Sydney’s premier gold service. Visit the gold company website for more information, or give FirstGold™ a call to arrange an appointment to discuss your options.

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