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Self Managed Superannuation

FirstGold™  is designed for your financial future and is fully compatible with self-managed super funds (SMSF).

Precious metals, like silver and gold, have consistently shown to be a top choice for preserving wealth, particularly during economic uncertainties. Enhance the security of your SMSF by incorporating physical silver and gold. Your superannuation fund serves to safeguard your savings until retirement. It’s not just about working hard; it’s about saving intelligently. Numerous financial advisors recommend including gold and silver in any long-term savings plan. With FirstGold™, you have the opportunity to make your SMSF even more robust.

The benefits of self-managed super funds

Normally, employers choose a financial services company to provide a super fund for their employees. Super funds offer a range of investment options and asset classes that may include property, stocks, bonds and other fixed income securities, all of which have different risk-return trade-offs. The employee then chooses one or more of these funds to manage their compulsory and voluntary contributions.

An alternative option is to establish a self-managed super fund (SMSF) so you become the manager of your own super fund, and you take control of how your retirement savings are invested. This approach gives you complete flexibility to choose what you invest in, and distribute the benefits when you retire.

Precious metals are an important asset to any SMSF, and adding them to your SMSF portfolio has never been easier. Simply open a FirstGold™ account in the name of your SMSF, and you can start investing in gold and silver immediately.

Why include precious metals in your SMSF?

Every super fund portfolio should have a range of investment vehicles, from high-risk, high-return stocks to low-risk assets, like gold and silver. This diversification lets you maintain a balanced portfolio that minimises risk and encourages growth in value. Holding a percentage of your investments in precious metals will complement your riskier, high return assets, such as stocks. When the prices of shares are down in the markets, gold and silver will usually be on a high, so introducing precious metals into portfolio can help you safeguard your super.

By investing in precious metals, you could also tap into potential for great capital gains. The gold price has increased by an average of 15% each year for the past seven years. With this trend set to continue, buying gold and silver now could add considerable value to your retirement savings in the future.

Getting started is simple. All you need to do is open a FirstGold™ account under the name of your self-managed super fund, and you can begin saving gold and silver for your future today.