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Sell Platinum

Unlocking the Value of your Platinum with FirstGold

At FirstGold, we understand the inherent value of platinum and how saving in it can pave the way to a brighter financial future. If you’re curious about how to unlock the potential of your diligent platinum savings, here’s how you can sell your platinum with FirstGold. With the flexibility to sell anytime and anywhere, the process couldn’t be more straightforward!

FirstGold is committed to providing you with the finest platinum and silver savings platform globally, ensuring that you always retain the authority to sell your platinum bullion back to us, 24/7, at a price aligned with the latest platinum spot price.

Whether you’ve accumulated platinum through our one-off purchase plan or our platinum savings plan, realizing returns on your investment is as simple as navigating to the ‘Sell’ tab on your account homepage and following the user-friendly steps.

Once we verify your bank account, the proceeds from your platinum savings will be seamlessly deposited into your chosen account.

In addition to empowering you to save in platinum and cultivate your financial future, through our parent company, the gold company, FirstGold also extends an invitation to transform your scrap metal and old jewelry into substantial financial gains for your future. For more information, visit the gold company’s website or reach out to FirstGold to arrange an appointment and discuss your options.