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Investing In Silver

Silver in more than metal, it is money! Invest smart with FirstGold™

Silver and gold are similar in many ways, but with enough difference to add a little bit of diversity to the precious metals market. You can invest in silver and generate savings using the same means and strategies as you use in the gold market, but silver is unique because it is both a monetary and an industrial metal. Silver has remained valuable from ancient times to the present. It is an important investment metal in addition to having a variety of industrial uses. It has been used as a medium of exchange through the ages and is commonly used in jewellery and collectible coins. Silver has many desirable properties such as malleability, thermal and electric conductivity, and resistance to corrosion unmatched by any other precious metal. While everyone has heard the old saying cautioning against selling the ‘family silver’, not everybody understands the wisdom it holds.

Investing in silver in a bull market

In terms of investing in silver, the outlook is highly favourable. The industrial and investment demand for silver is rising very rapidly, while supply is falling at an increasing rate. The huge majority of the investment public and financial services industry remains unaware of the fundamentals of silver. This means that the bull market in silver is likely to be in the infancy stage and as a commodity, remains one of the most undervalued asset classes.

Investing in silver compared to gold

Just like gold, many investment managers are once again regarding silver as a great financial hedge against fiat currency crises, deflation, inflation, stagflation, and hyperinflation. A combination of these elements could see the Western world experience inflation in essential goods and societal commodities, such as wheat, grain, rice, natural gas and oil. In contrast, we will see deflation in non-essential and overvalued items, such as luxury goods, and overvalued assets, such as some equity, bond and property markets. Silver is not just a commodity. It is a currency that cannot be debased like our modern fiat paper currencies. Gold and silver has been used as money in more regions and countries and for longer periods of time than paper currency, which is relatively new in trade. Interestingly, silver money has seen more use than gold money throughout history and across cultures. FirstGold™ gives you the flexibility to invest in silver and gold. You have the power to determine and control your savings. Open an account and see just how easy it is to start generating real money for your future.