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Why Buy Gold Bullion

With FirstGold™, you can buy gold in bars, coins, and ingots that will be kept in a secure vault entirely in your own name. All our gold is LBMA-approved and fully-insured. At FirstGold™, we know that there is safety in pure gold.

FirstGold™ enables you to purchase gold bullion in a variety of forms, including bars, coins and ingots. The weights you can pick range from as little as a few grams to full 400-ounce bars. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approves our bullion, and the purity of our bullion bars is 999.9 percent pure, the highest quality in the market.

Store your gold bullion with no fees or unnecessary conditions

When you decide to buy gold bullion bars or gold bullion coins, you must take insurance and storage costs into account, especially once you have accumulated larger quantities. While stashing your savings under floorboards may have worked in the Middle Ages when there were no alternatives, these days you have safer options to store your savings.

It is recommended that you buy bullion from companies that offer audited, vaulted and insured storage. Your gold will be audited and inventoried on site, which means it is much easier to buy, sell and get your gold shipped to you. Overall, long-term savers offer you much greater safety and convenience. Many gold bullion companies offer such storage for a fee.

At FirstGold™ , insured and audited storage of your gold bullion is absolutely free, with no minimum purchase or unnecessary terms and conditions. Not only that, but you can buy when you want, sell when you want, and take physical possession of your gold bullion at any time. Your finances are in your hands.

Allocated Gold Bullion you own

In general, gold bullion can be purchased and stored in two ways; either on an ‘allocated’ basis or on an ‘unallocated’ basis.

‘Unallocated’ storage occurs when you buy interest in a pool of gold bullion that is part of a financial institution’s liquid reserves, but do not own specific bars. The institution keeps a record that you have bought a particular amount of gold, but only keeps a certain fraction of the physical gold bullion on hand to cover potential customer withdrawals. This may save you storage and holding costs, but if the institution gets into financial difficulty or collapses, it may not be able to fulfil your claim should you wish to take physical possession of your gold.

With ‘allocated’ gold bullion, you are the outright owner of specific, individually numbered and registered bullion bars. The allocated gold is the your individual property and it cannot be used as the institution’s reserve.

When you purchase gold bullion under FirstGold™ ’s gold and silver savings plans, you are putting your savings into allocated gold. Your gold bullion savings cannot be accessed without your consent for any reason, nor can your gold bullion be used as leverage against loans in the same way that banks operate. In addition, your gold bullion cannot be liquidated if the company goes insolvent. You are the true owner of your gold bullion savings with FirstGold™ and the power is truly in your hands.