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My FirstGold™ Plans

We designed FirstGold™ to be easy to use. We want to make the habit of saving for your future easy. FirstGold™ created an interactive platform, for you to choose which metal, the amount and frequency save for your future.

Your gold and silver savings plan gives you the power to select the time and the amount you want to save in gold or silver. Or buy with one click at any time. FirstGold™ is designed to work the way you would like, for you.

You can choose one of the pre-set template plans or set your own savings plan.

FirstGold™is all about flexibility. How often, how much gold or silver you wish to save. And when you want pay, is all in your control.

As soon as we receive order the bullion will be held, on confirmation your funds have been cleared your bullion is visible in your accumulation account.

Accumulation and cost averaging of bullion works best with periodic purchases. Most banks have a simple transfer schedule option within their online banking system where you can set up periodic payments by adding a few extra details to a normal online fund transfer transaction. If you have any enquiries or questions, one of our experienced staff will always be available to assist you.

You can manage or see your account dashboard online. Most importantly, you are in complete control of your silver and gold bullion savings. If you want to increase your savings goals, then it couldn’t be easier to adjust the amount you choose to save. You can adjust it each month, make lump-sum purchases. You can also simply put it on hold, sell, or cancel a future purchase at any time.