Where does FirstGold™ store my gold and silver?

Your bullion is deposited in a private vault owned and run by an internationally recognised vaulting company with no ties to or under any control by FirstGold™.

How can I be sure the gold or silver is in the vault?

Controls provide assurance that the total amount of gold and silver in all FirstGold™ accounts is equal to the total ounces of gold and silver stored in the vault.
Controls also provide protection against the risk of unauthorised movement of bullion. FirstGold™ strives for full transparency. Independent third party auditors are contracted to audit the vault and verify comprehensive reports about the ownership and the contents.

Can I take my gold or silver out of the vault?

You have the power to remove your bullion from the vault whenever you please, so you can actually see and feel what you own.

Can I have my gold and silver in different sizes ?

Normal delivery is free of charge in one ounce (1oz.) for gold and one kilogram (1kg) for silver. Delivery is available in other weights but may be subject to market related barring charges depending on your delivery required.

Can I have my gold and silver delivered to me?

The withdrawal itself is free of charge. If you wish for us to send you your gold or silver via a secure insured courier service, you will be quoted and charged a market rate for the secure courier service.

Can I sell my gold or silver directly from the vault?

There is no need to withdraw any bullion from the vault before selling your gold or silver. The power of real savings is in your hands - you choose what you want to keep and what you want to sell. Using the FirstGold™ online dashboard, you can make a simple ‘‘sell’ transaction which directly controls the amount of gold and silver in your account. Payment is made into your nominated bank account.

What happens if the vault gets robbed?

Lloyd’s of London, the world’s specialist insurance market, provides full Metal Replacement insurance for the physical gold and silver stored in the vault. Your savings are secure.

Will I lose my savings if FirstGold™ fails?

You have complete legal ownership of all the gold and silver you accumulate in your FirstGold™ account. In the unlikely event that the FirstGold™ business ceases to operate, your gold and silver would be returned to you 100% with no loss incurred by you.

Are the metals of good quality?

All metal traded by FirstGold™ is London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved – Good Delivery Bars tradeable anywhere in the world.

Are there limits to how much gold or silver I can purchase?

If you are purchasing gold or silver on the FirstGold™ online system, then there is a spending cap of $5,000 per day. Purchases larger than $5,000 must either be staggered over multiple days online or, alternatively, a single transaction can be arranged over the phone with a FirstGold™ experienced staff member. To contact FirstGold™ staff, call 02 9020 5150. Ultimately, there are no other restrictions for the minimum or maximum amount of gold or silver you can save.

Can I invest my gold or silver into my super?

If you have a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) you will be able to invest in gold and silver for your superannuation, by opening a First Fold account. FirstGold™ meets Self-Managed Super Fund requirements related to insurance and security of your investment, giving you full flexibility.

How do we determine the buy and sell price for gold and silver bullion?

When you buy gold and silver with FirstGold, you’re not just buying the simple bullion. You’re buying trust, security, and a guarantee for your future. The prices you see on our secure site for the purchase of gold and silver bullion are generated by two things. Firstly, we base all our prices on up-to-the-minute gold and silver spot prices from the international marketplace. Secondly, included in the price for your gold or silver is a small surcharge to cover incremental costs associated with gold and silver bullion such as secure storage in our Custodian vault, insurance, management fees, as well as FirstGold™’s profit margin so we can keep providing you with the best possible service.

How much gold or silver can I get for my money?

We base all our prices on up-to-the-minute gold and silver spot prices from the international marketplace. Since the gold and silver market is fluid, these prices are continuously updated. The amount of gold or silver you can save is based purely on these live gold and silver prices determining the dollar-to-ounce ratio.

How does the Handy Calculator work ?

The FirstGold™ online trading system also features a handy calculator, so you can gauge your buying power with minimal effort. The calculator will help you determine the amount of gold or silver you will receive based on the dollar amount you wish to invest on any particular day.

What is dollar-cost averaging?

FirstGold™’s dollar-cost averaging method allows you to buy gold at the lowest possible price over the long term. Using dollar-cost averaging, you are able to buy more gold when prices are low and less gold when prices are high, because you are buying a fixed dollar amount instead of buying gold in terms of ounces. When you buy gold in ounces, it remains the same amount no matter what the gold price is, but when you buy gold in dollar amounts, it results in you buying gold at a lower average price because your dollars go further each month.

What other costs will have when I buy bullion?

The buy rate is the only price you pay, which takes into account the live spot price of gold and silver as well as the USD/AUD exchange rate, FirstGold™’s profit margin, cost of insurance and storage. No additional costs are charged.

How much is a troy ounce of bullion in grams?

A troy ounce of gold or silver bullion equates to just over 31.1 grams.

How can FirstGold™ operate with such a small margin?

FirstGold™ works on large volumes of gold and silver being invested and redeemed on a daily basis. This allows us to keep the margins low and our service level high.

How can I contact the staff at FirstGold™?

FirstGold™ offers many easy options for getting in contact with our experienced staff. Call us during business hours on 02 9020 5150. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] or visit our offices in the Sydney CBD for a consultation!

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