The FirstGold Team

Michael Cohen started his career serving an apprenticeship as a diamond polisher, cleaver and marker for a major DeBeers sightholder in South Africa. In the 1990’s, Michael established diamond cutting works in Johannesburg, where he and his brother manufactured and traded in rough and polished diamonds around the globe.

Roy Cohen, Michael’s brother, worked for the Anglo American Corporation for several years before joining the business in the 90’s. He was active in the trading of rough diamonds and developing mining interests in the Kimberly area of South Africa and other African countries.

Michael and Roy are third generation authorities in diamonds and precious metals, with unparalleled experience in the gold and diamond trade worldwide. Their experience in selling gold, buying gold, diamond trading and diamond certification has earned them an impeccable reputation in the trade, both in Australia and worldwide.

Dan Novick, operated a professional aviation business in Australia and has extensive marketing and commerce experience with a passion for gold trading and the gold market.

Together, the Directors and the team at the gold company have built FirstGold™ into the premium household name in gold and diamonds that it is today.