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The evolving picture of global gold production

We’ve recently updated our Gold Production volumes data for 2022. This data shows annual global gold production broken down both by region and country.

Global mine production by country

According to Metals Focus’ latest estimate, global gold production in 2022 was 3,628t.1  This is 1% higher y/y, and commentary on this can be found in our Full Year 2022 Gold Demand Trends report.

The latest country-level data shows no change amongst the five largest gold producing nations compared to 2021. China remains the world’s largest gold producer, followed by Russia, Australia, Canada and the United States. However, extending the analysis to the top 20 gold producers, things look very different compared to 2010. West African nations – such as Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso –have grown in importance, with several now firmly within the top 20 nations. Also of note is Bolivia, which has seen a tremendous growth in ASGM over the last decade, while South Africa has continued its steady decline.

Top 20 gold producing nations in 2022

As always, we’ll provide quarterly commentary on gold mine production in our Gold Demand Trends report.

You can also see gold production costs – updated quarterly – on Goldhub here.