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All the fundamentals are now in place for the above equation to be true:

Wars will sadly not go away but instead escalate since there is ZERO desire for peace from the US neocons or the weak Europeans.
Inflation and interest rates will increase rapidly, driven by deficits and exponential growth of debt.
Wars and inflation will lead to a major shift into GOLD by Central Banks, the BRICS as well as for wealth preservation purposes.

“Poverty is the parent of revolution, crime and war” is what Aristotle stated 2,300 years ago. I added “war” since this is often the consequence of poverty and bankruptcy for a nation in a desperate attempt to borrow more money and blame the war for the economic woes.

As the US is now totally losing its hegemony, we can on a daily basis follow the desperate actions that a failing super power takes.

As every empire and nation that fails, the US has followed the same pattern whether we talk about the Roman, Mongol, Ottoman, Qing or British Empires.

Initial economic success as well as military might lead to illusions of grandeur and infallibility.

Riches, often stolen from other nations, turn to deficits and debts, collapsing currencies and decadence. That leads to money printing followed by the collapse of the currency. At that stage wars are often started which generally have disastrous consequences.

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