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Gold holds ground above $1,950 amid downbeat China CPI

Gold price maintains its position above $1,950, attempting to halt the losses during the Asian session on Thursday. The precious metal is experiencing a negative tone, potentially influenced by US Federal Reserve (Fed) officials resisting the notion of reducing interest rates.

China’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) declined by 0.2% annually against the expected decline of 0.1% in October. CPI (MoM) fell 0.1% from the 0.2% growth previously. The connection between inflation rates and the performance of Gold is a delicate balance, and any signs of economic weakening can impact the demand for Gold.

Fed Governor Michelle Bowman reiterated on Tuesday that the US Fed is likely to consider raising interest rates in the future. However, Bowman emphasized her current stance of patiently assessing the data and its implications for the economic outlook. It’s a watchful approach before taking any decisive actions. Additionally, Neil Kashkari, President of the Minnesota Fed, expressed skepticism about whether the US central bank had raised rates enough, pointing to the economy’s resilience as a factor.

The yellow metal failed to capitalize on the drop in Treasury yields, despite the 10-year US bond coupon slipping to 4.48%, which typically puts pressure on the US Dollar (USD). The markets are in a bit of a quiet spell this week, with investors eagerly awaiting fresh cues before making any moves, especially with the upcoming Federal Reserve (Fed) decision looming in December.

The price of gold encounters challenges, partly due to traders incorporating a reduced risk premium resulting from the Israel-Hamas conflict. The absence of an escalation in the conflict has led to a decrease in safe-haven demand for Gold.

Source: FXstreet